Linden Church of God

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Sunday School is a great time to meet new people in our church. The small class sizes make it perfect for getting to know people and studying God’s Word together.

Sunday School: 9:40-10:30am

“Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in
Christ Jesus.” II Timothy 1:13

At Linden, we believe in the Scriptures and teach biblical truths and principles
in a distinctive style that relates to everyday living. In addition, we realize that families and
individuals need fellowship and recreation centered on Christ. Each class, particularly the adult
classes, provides activities to help meet the needs of the whole person spiritually, physically,
emotionally, and socially. Our Sunday school ministry provides the basis for building strong
families and lives that testify of God’s love and grace.

The Sunday School Ministry can open the door to:

• Growing Relationships
The Key to spiritual growth is being rooted and grounded in love. Each of us needs godly
relationships beyond the worship service experience. Sunday School provides the best
atmosphere to meet new people.

• In-depth Bible Study
More than hearing another sermon, Sunday School is involvement and you are a key player
to healthy discussions regarding spiritual growth.

• Small Groups
Beginning with Sunday School, a special close-knit circle of friends can be formed beyond
the walls of the church building providing a safe place to express concerns and an
atmosphere of healthy transparency.

Utilizing your God-given Spiritual Gifts in Service
Sunday School encourages you to be involved in exercising your spiritual gifts to mutually
uplift the body of Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Here is a list of all of the classes offered on Sunday mornings:

Sunday School Superintendent: Brother Bill Farmer

Brother Bill comes from a family of singers and ministers. A life long member of the Linden Church of God, Bro. Bill has taught sunday school for many years, is the former Music Director and now leads in Worship on the Praise Team, He is on the Pastors Council, a Community leader and our elected Sumter County Sheriff. He is the only Sheriff who has been elected twice as president of the Florida Sheriff's Association and has served numerous years as Chairman of the Board of the Sheriff''s Youth Ranches. He is now serving as the Florida Sheriff's Association Chaplin. Serving his God and the People of Sumter County and loving his family are his daily goals. Fishing and Hunting are his favorite hobbies.

Sunday School Secretary: Sister Linda Farmer 

Sister Linda is a retired school teacher in Sumter County, having taught Middle School for 38 years. She has been married to Bro. Bill Farmer for 43 years and they have three grown children, who were all raised in the church, but have moved from the area. Sis. Linda taught Primary level Sunday School, Developed the first Children's Church at Linden and ran it for 10 years before passing it on to another leader in the church. It has grown into a wonderful children's and youth ministries now. Linda enjoys working for the Lord, She is on the Praise and Worship Team, Secretary of the Ladies Ministries, Administrator of the church Facebook pag and Web page at this time. Sometimes if you catch her off guard, you may find her pulling weeds or cutting the hedges around the church. She loves her four grandchildren and loves to travel and shop on line. Being a servant of God is very important to her.

Nursery: Class #1 

A Monthly Rotating Schedule is in the front Foyer

Nursery Attendant: Sister Darlene Lanham

We are working on carpeting the Nursery and updating the facilities. Our youth are important to us and we want the best for our little ones! 

Elementary Class # 2-3 

Sister Liz Lee

Handles her combo class with a sweet approach and a gentle voice. She uses props to teach the children the Bible lessons and gives her classroom that learning experience so they understand what God is trying to tell them.

Middle School Class #5

Currently we have no active class

Students are invited to class #6 where they will be Welcomed.

High School - Young Adult Class #6

Bro. Micah Lanham

This young man teaches the Young Adults, Young Marrieds and High School Graduates. Micah is a serious young man who was healed by God from cancer......He has a story to tell, and a Great Teacher!

Sanctuary Adult Class #7 

Brother Thomas Williams

Assistant teachers: Bro. Doyle Lee & Sis. Carolyn Kendrick

Brother Thomas is the youngest son of the late Bishop M.T. Williams and Sister Kay Williams. Bro. Thomas was our main sound man for many years.  He is a member of the pastor's counsel. He is an Ordained Minister and is employed with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office. Thomas has been a member of the church all his adult life and has attended this church since he was seven when his father became the pastor. He serves on the pastors council. He studies in depth, his lesson for each Sunday morning and also sings on the Praise Team. Thomas, and his wife, Elizabeth, who has been Church of God her entire life, are a Ministry Team in themselves. Come join this class for a well informed Bible study that is charged with excitement

He is one of a group of men in the church who love to ride their Harley's! 

Bro. Thomas is our Associate Pastor.

Sunday School Teachers:

Classes #1-3 combined

Sis. Liz Lee - Primary class

Class #4-5 - High School - 

Bro. Odell Williams

Class #6 - Adult class - 

Sis Carolyn Kendrick

Class # 7- Adult Santuary Class

Bro. Thomas Williams

Class #8-Young Adults

Bro. Micah Lanham