Linden Church of God

4309 County Road 772 ~ Webster, Florida 33597 ~ 352-793-4281

JOY Ministries ages 50 and Up

J. ust O. lder Y. outh Ministries - our senior group meets now on Tuesdays once a month- check the event calendar when and where the luncheons and events are planned. 

Sister Dora Rogers is Senior Ministries Leader - Assistant is Sister Ann Tatum

During our luncheons; everyone who can, brings a covered dish. We visit, enjoy each other, sing songs many times, listen to our pastor play his guitar and sing, have a guest speaker...everyone has a great time, come join us....plan on a few hours together and enjoy.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like during this time, please let one or both of the ladies know so they can consider it.

Our Senior Ministries is all about - Praying for one another and the Church and Pastor and 
Caring for all the membership and guest who pass through our doors, also setting an example for the youth and offering wisdom when asked or it is needed. 

The Senior Adult Ministry at Linden is here to serve our folks that have reached the youthful age of 50 or older, they are still eager to serve and worship the Lord. To some, a senior is an old person.  To us, at Linden, a senior is a person who has experience in life and who can use that experience under the leadership of God to bring hope to others.  Our seniors are a lively group of Christians who rejoice in the gift of dear friendship from God.  Not only do they worship together, but they, pray together, laugh together and love one another.  Our seniors contribute much to the life of our church and community.  If you are looking for a place to belong as well as a place where God can use you, then the JOY Ministries is the place for you!! 
Our Luncheons are usually on the third Tuesday of the month.

Sister Dora Rogers has been the Director of the Senior Ministries for many years and works hard gathering this group of solders of the Faith together for luncheons and outings, guest speakers and singing to keep our older adults involved. She has a wonderful assistant; Sis. Carolyn Kendrick who helps in all aspects of this ministry also.

Assistant Directors: Sis. Ann Tatum and Sis. Shirley Pilgrim

Director: [center] Dora Rogers

Secretary: [R] Linda Farmer