Linden Church of God

4309 County Road 772 ~ Webster, Florida 33597 ~ 352-793-4281

Established in 1913


The idea to present the history of the church was born in Sister Sharon Langford’s heart in July 1977 while sitting in the Church of God History Class under the direction of Rev. James A Cross¸ Florida Summer Bible Institute at the Wimauma campground. Immediately after the class, she shared her feelings with her husband, the Rev. Dennis Langford with such enthusiasm that he too became excited and assured her he would assist her as much as possible. They presented the idea to Rev. Milton Williams their present pastor and when he began to share with them how he felt about this, they knew it was a confirmation from the Lord.

Prior to this time he toyed with the idea of a church History knowing this church had a rich heritage. But, about two weeks prior he felt led to ask Sister Sharon about assisting him in this endeavor, but hesitated as they were evangelizing full time. Rev. Milton Williams felt it might be an overload on them. When she went to him, he just looked at her in amazement. In our hearts there was no doubt that we should begin preparations. Without delay planning was begun, information sought after, and many invitations were prepared and mailed. October 16, 1977 was the culmination of about three months of planning and preparation. It was well worth all the efforts as the day was nothing short of a success. Sister Sharon could hardly contain all the elation she felt over being reunited with members and friends of this church.

This booklet has been compiled as a result of the special day held on October 16, 1977 and of this second compiling of information since then of the Linden Church of God for its 100th year anniversary. Within these next few pages, Sister Sharon and Sister Linda will endeavor to share with you various historical facts to the best of their ability which were derived from various individual sources as well as from existing church records. In addition a report of the day’s activities of Homecoming 1977 is given.

Words cannot express how proud we both are to be a part of the Linden Church of God Family and to share in its rich heritage. It is our hope that you enjoy reading the contents and will cherish this little booklet as a keepsake till Jesus comes……

Sister Sharon Langford

Sister Linda Farmer