Linden Church of God

4309 County Road 772 ~ Webster, Florida 33597 ~ 352-793-4281

4309 CR 772 Webster, FL 33597

From the Pastor's Desk.....

The church is not filled with a group of perfect Christians,

But it is a school for the education of the imperfect ones, a

nurturing center for the care of the weak ones, and a

hospital for the healing of the wounded ones.

The task of making Christ known is an endless one. It is

Beyond the ability of a single individual or church. No one

person can do it all. To each is given a small part. Through

combining the efforts of many who have dedicated them-

selves to the mission of the church, a ministry goes forth in

power through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. One tithe,

one personal ministry, one testimony, will not accomplish

much, but when joined together with others, tremendous

impact is made for Christ and His Church.


Senior Pastor - Bishop Tim Tatum

[not finished yet]

Associate Pastor - Bro. Thomas Williams

Ordained in 2015 -

[Not finished yet]

Pastor's Council - 

Brother's Brian Webb, Odell Williams, Bill Farmer, Kevin Sullivan and Thomas Williams. 

The council meets once a month to discuss church business and advises the Pastor on decisions he needs to address. Our men are filled with the Holy Spirit and are devoted to their service to the Lord.

Church Clerk

Sister Elizabeth Williams 

Church Treasurer  Bro. Odell Williams

Takes care of the church bookkeeping. She is our Praise Team coordinator along with Bro. Brian Webb. 

Sister Elizabeth holds down a full time job, supports her husband, Thomas in their Evangelistic Ministries and Serves the Lord at the church in several positions. She will always greet you with a smile.

Lisa Shoaf

Office Cooradinator

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